Virtual ISP

Contact's Virtual ISP services allows our ISP Partners to focus on Sales and Marketing of their products while Contact delivers a complete turnkey solution to deliver high-quality ISP services to the ISP customer base.

Contact's Virtual ISP solution delivers all aspects of ISP-related services which include:

  • Internet Call Diversion (Managed Modem) Ports
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Dynamically assigned IP Addressing, delivered by a Contact DHCP Server
  • Internet bandwidth
  • DNS
  • End-user Technical Support, including problem escalation to our Network
  • Operations Center (NOC)
  • Engineering staff for more complex issues
  • End-user Billing (e-mail invoice by default but mailed invoices are available as an optional service)
  • E-mail
  • WEB Hosting

Note: Virtual ISP service is not currently available in Montana. We anticipate this service being available 1st Quarter of 2003.


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