Internet Call Diversion (ICD)

Contact empowers ISPs to control and manage their operations by providing web-based network reports and provisioning tools. Our monitoring system provides real time feedback, trunk usage per end office, average connect time, send/receive speeds, and the operating status of all modems.

Contact utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to deliver high-quality V.92 Managed Modem service to our ISP Partners. With our ICD product, ISP Partners no longer need to worry about maintaining or upgrading modem equipment. Your staff can focus on the areas where you enjoy a competitive advantage rather than spend time worrying about modems. Contact will provide reports that show detailed modem utilization. We will work with you on network augments to handle any increased traffic volume. In addition, with our ICD product, our ISP Partners can cost-effectively enter new markets. We require a minimum of 6 ICD ports per Point Of Presence (POP). Our volume discount pricing is based on the cumulative number of ICD ports you have deployed throughout all of our market areas. So, as you enter new markets, you reap the benefits of volume discount pricing based on the total number of ICD ports in all of your markets, leveraging the volume of your more established markets.

You receive V.92 Managed Modem service that resides on redundant hardware. Contact has 24x7 network monitoring of our ICD hardware to ensure rapid response to any issues that might arise. Contact uses Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) to rapidly route an end-user to the appropriate ISP Partner without requiring tedious realm conventions. This allows our ISP Partner to perform authentication and authorization promptly so that the end-user is able to successfully establish a PPP connection and begin utilizing their Internet connection. Our Network and System Engineers work with our ISP Partners to ensure compatibility between our equipment and your Radius authentication equipment and software.

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