Internet Backbone Bandwidth

With Internet Backbone Bandwidth from Contact, our ISP Partners are able to take advantage of the economies of scale gained by outsourcing your ICD and Internet traffic termination. Contact utilizes Tier 1 Internet Backbone Providers who have the ability to deliver high-availability service along with excellent Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering point connection. In addition, Contact utilizes multiple Tier 1 Internet Backbone Providers to provide redundancy to our ISP Partners. By using multiple Tier 1 Internet Backbone Providers who have excellent BGP peering points, we are able to perform best-path routing through our BGP announcements. This ensures that traffic is routed directly from your end-user to the destination sites so that our ISP Partner's end-users have the best-possible Internet experience.

Services included within our Internet Backbone Bandwidth product:

  • Dynamically assigned IP Addressing, delivered by a Contact DHCP Server
  • Internet bandwidth
  • DNS
  • Utilization reporting
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