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ontact Communications is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) that grew out of Wyoming's largest privately held Internet Service Provider (ISP). Intent on providing next-generation data telecom services to ISPs. Contact received Certification to serve the US West (now Qwest) territory in April 1997, as a wholesale data exchange carrier. The Company is expanding into additional services for Internet Providers and a variety of traditional telecommunications services using state-of-the-art protocols and expandable hardware designs. Presently operating in Wyoming.

ur mission is to enable ISPs to rapidly and economically design and deploy next-generation communications services to their customers by providing an alternative to excessive rates and poor quality of local telecom services currently available to ISPs. Contact frees ISPs from the hassles of building and maintaining their Internet network. Contact's focus is to deliver customer-driven communications solutions uniquely tailored to individual business requirements. Our ability to translate business communications obstacles into business communications opportunities, combined with our commitment to be proactive and responsive service to our customers is what sets us apart from the crowd. Contact places the business back in the hands of the ISP.

lthough several companies are working with Internet Service Providers to offer them wholesale modem ports and wholesale DSL, virtually all of these firms are taking the path of greatest volume at least cost. This has led them to the larger cities and the larger providers. Even those that are targeting the smaller cities are looking to simplify their marketing by associating with the larger Internet providers. Contact, however, focuses on delivering reasonable costs for broadband without crippling volume commitments, allowing ISPs serving rural markets similar efficiencies as ISPs serving metro markets. Our intent is to compete with the incumbent telephone companies so that ISPs serving rural markets are able to offer advanced services with reasonable margins.

iversity is a necessity in this changing market and is one of our greatest assets. At Contact we are on the cutting edge in developing new services for the ISP market. Today, the entire telephone industry faces challenges and opportunities virtually unimaginable just a decade ago.